Alien Pedagogy

May 24

I decided to spend this weekend adding and removing feeds from my Bloglines and Twitter accounts. One thing that always bothers me about new feeds is that I rarely take the time to look back at what the author has previously posted.

This is why I’m going to take a moment to encourage people to follow Ferlazzo’s “A Look Back.”

I worry that a lot of our best edubloggers are assuming that someone out there is going to take the time to read their early work, so they leave previously mined topics in their blog calender. I doubt that many are reading these.

Moreover, I’ve yet to find a suitable index of blog histories, perhaps because we rarely expect bloggers to familiarize themselves with what other bloggers have covered.

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  1. Larry Ferlazzo
    4:45 am - 5-24-2009

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    It’s also a good exercise for me — it’s not hard for me to forget what I’ve posted a year and twe years ago :)


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