Alien Pedagogy

Oct 30

Recently, I’ve been reading a great deal of post-apocalyptic fiction, and I’ve been wondering what a curriculum arranged around the idea of preparing children for the future — for a post-apocalyptic society — would look like. Halloween is tomorrow.

When it comes to post-apocalyptic societies, it’s tough not to think of the zombie takeover.

But what if robots take over the world?

That we could lose our humanity either in a war against robots or by becoming cybernetic beings a chilling thought, which is perhaps why some teachers resist incorporating digital learning into their classrooms. Some blame tenure and unions and laziness*, but what if it’s not a resistance to change so much as a movement to conserve our humanity?

Of course, other teachers are more optimistic, trying to create a Borg-like collective unconscious of educators that they call “professional learning networks.”

So. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

If you’re reading this in your RSS feeder, you probably see the robot takeover as a “glass half full” situation.

That’s good, because you’re going to need that optimism when the world ends.


*As opposed to a lack of time, training, resources, funding, evidence that this trendy app is a worthwhile investment, or any number of other legitimate professional doubts that teachers could raise before dedicating themselves to altering their practice.

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  1. Editor B
    7:16 pm - 11-2-2010

    I’m thinking robots vs. zombies in a fight to the death.

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